Polish Instagram improves its position as market place due to COVID measures

Eastern Europe has been less affected by COVID-19 than its western part. As a result, many large and small retailers have focused more on online sales. According to the Arvato agency, many of the Polish retailers more often focus on omnichannel sales, of which advertising on social networks has become a large part.

Losses during the quarantine period in Poland helped local producers

Main conclusions of the analysis:

  • The COVID pandemic has shaken the supply chain of most industries and caused huge losses. Difficulties in supplying goods from foreign producers have highlighted several advantages of local production, which is now more popular in Poland than ever before.
  • Interest in products such as fashion, food, or pharmacy has shifted from stone stores to the online environment.
  • Omnichannel sales have become the focus of many online stores. To reach as many users as possible, online store owners in Poland are increasingly focusing on new methods of advertising, shipping, and payment.

Marketplaces dominate

Although marketplaces have already gained their place in Polish e-commerce, their position has been strengthened by the COVID crisis.

  1. Allegro remains the most popular marketplace.
  2. Amazon is increasing its popularity in Poland.
  3. Other popular marketplaces are Ceneo and Skąpiec.

You can find a lot of useful information about advertising on Allegro here:

Allegro - the most successful polish e-commerce platform

Should you want to concur Polish e-commerce, be present at the Allegro. Its position on the local market is strong that the biggest hypermarket chains like Carrefour use their services to grow their reach.


We dedicated a full article to advertising on Ceneo.pl some time ago:

Succeed at the Polish online market with Ceneo.pl

If you follow the world of ecommerce for a while, you know only building an online store is not enough. One of the first steps is the expansion to search comparison engines. If you sell in Poland, advertising at Ceneo.pl is almost a necessity. Let's take a look at what selling at the most important Polish search engine requires.


Polish Instagram in the offensive

Facebook and Instagram have significantly improved their position on the Polish market this year. Especially sales on Instagram are becoming increasingly popular. Consider advertising in his marketplace as well.

Reasons to use Instagram marketplace

  • 70% of users visit the Instagram marketplace in search of products, so it is ideal for advertising your goods.
  • IG stories and IG TV use infomercials, which work with direct user response.
  • You can use many ways how to work with influencers.
  • You can make your products visible through paid advertising.

How to successfully sell products Polish Instagram

Instagram sales require creativity, the flexibility to tailor content to current events, and the regularity of posting. Doing this, you will become more visible in the app.

How to do it:

  • Get inspired by advertising other e-shops with similar goods and find out what the audience likes.
  • Do not copy. For your e-shop to be successful in the flood of content, it must stand out.
  • Create original photos for your products.
  • Share stories that set you apart from others.
  • Mark posts as advertising.

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