With the Symlink Stork app, you can add and remove new addresses to your feeds

Controlling who accesses your business data is a must. When you end a partnership with a partner, it is vital to be able to prevent him or her from accessing it. It is what the new Symlink Stork application will help you with. You will create each partner's symlink, which you can deactivate or delete as needed. Let's take a closer look at the app.

Symlinks mean more security for your data

If you provide data to partners via an XML or CSV feed, you use Symlink Stork for one original URL to assign a symlink to each of them with its address. It means that everyone will receive the same data without knowing the original feed address. You can delete the symlinks of the partners with whom you end the cooperation as needed. The data connection of other partners will continue to work without changes.

Where to use the symlinks

  • connection of business partners
  • connection of affiliate advertising networks - in them, partners, as well as competitors, can access your networks (and even if you end the cooperation with a specific network, the competitor can save or remember the URL of your feeds)
  • connection of other advertising networks or other systems
A preview of the Symlink Stork application.

What Symlink Stork can do

The application can not only create symlinks but also temporarily deactivate and reactivate them, duplicate them (for easy creation of multiple symlinks) and delete them. With Symlink Stork, you also record the history of symlinks - that is, when was the last time a symlink has been visited by someone and basic information about the visitor.

What files does Symlink Stork support

The application does not operate with links to HTML pages. In their case, CSS styles may load incorrectly, or page graphics may malfunction. Supports common data files:

  • XML
  • CSV
  • ZIP
  • etc.

Who will use the application

The app will help online store staff and marketing specialists who manage data connections.

How to create a new link

  • click the Create a new link button
  • fill in the name, original address, new address, and possibly note.
  • save a new link
History section in the Symlnik Stork application.

Try the application for ten days for free. Detailed information can be found in the help for the application on the Mergado Store.

Symlink Stork

Symlink Stork allows you to create new URLs for a single file URL. If the user enters a new address, he receives a file. However, he will not know the original address. You can create one or more new URLs for one original URL. You will use it in situations where you want to control who accesses your data. In Symlink Stork, you create your own symlink for each partner. The partner receives his own, unique address. At the same time, the data remain unchanged. When you decide to stop working with one of the partners, you simply delete his symlink. The data connection of other partners will work without changes.

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