Get data from Google Sheets to Mergado

Some time ago, we showed you how to get data from Mergado to Google Sheets. Today we will show you the opposite way. It saves you a lot of time by using a CSV file to quickly import data to Mergado as you need it. Let's take a look at two options.

1. Create a new export

You can easily get data from Google Sheets to Mergado in the traditional way - with a new export.


  • Create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
  • In the settings, click the File > Share section and select Publish to the web.
  • In the Link section, select Sheet (not Entire Document) and select CSV format with comma-separated values.
  • Click Publish and copy the link.
  • Use the copied link as the source file for the new export.
Example of importing data from Google Sheets to Mergada using a new export.

Do you want to import elements according to your needs from the Google Sheets Export to Mergado? Do it using our Custom format. By using it correctly, you can be sure that the rules and all other important processes will work well.


2. Use the Data File Import rule

You can import edits to existing Mergado items using the recently added Data File Import rule. You do not have to create a new export, but just add a new rule to the existing one, which easily gets the selected data into Mergado.

We've described how to create a CSV link from Google Sheets above. When creating a new rule, you only need to choose whether you want to apply it to all products or only to specific queries.


And that's all. The use of Google Sheets and their connection with Mergado offers interesting reporting options. Learn how to use it.


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