Feed Image Editor introduces a new Settings subpage and more summer news

Article published 24.07.2019

In July, Feed Image Editor released another useful functionality. It is the Settings subpage, which provides a lot of important information about your projects. This will make your image advertising work faster and easier. Let's see what the Settings subpage does.

Important project information in one place

The Settings subpage provides information about project settings, formats, hiding products, and custom image sets.

It contains several boxes in which:

  • choose how many products you want to see on the Preview page
  • set in which format you want to have output images
  • you can manage and add the resulting template formats to suit your requirements
  • set up bulk hiding of products, based on their properties and filters, found on the Products subpage
  • create new image sets and manage the ones you use


Speed up image loading

One of the boxes on the Settings subpage is Project Settings, in which you select how many products you want to see in the Preview subpage. You can choose between 9 and 32 images in .png or .jpeg format (it is important to know which formats support the advertising platforms you use).

The preview shows:

  • template name
  • the resulting dimension
  • current and original size

Product photo compression. Source: www.feed-image-editor.cz


Load different products one by one to make sure they all display correctly.


Edit template formats

The Settings sub-page will also help you keep the rule for banner and product photo sizes across different ad platforms. On the Settings subpage, you will find a box listing the formats you use in your templates.

Do not forget:

  • 1080x1080 is the default format and cannot be edited or deleted
  • you can only delete sizes that have no templates assigned
  • you can edit other templates as needed
  • when you adjust the resulting size, the template that uses it will work according to your settings (cropped, scaled, etc.)
Box of used formats. Source: www.feed-image-editor.com

FIE automatically hides products with errors

Another feature in the Settings subpage, which will help you prevent problems with an inadequate ad displaying is the automatical hiding of products where Feed Image Editor finds an error.

Hide products:

  • according to errors that FIE finds in your feed (including links to images with 404, 403, 500, etc., products with no image or empty content) - when you turn these options on, the FIE will periodically check to see if the links are ok, and hides those products that will not be fine
  • according to images that exceed a certain size or are smaller
Hiding products with error. Source: www.feed-image-editor.com

Edit and add custom image sets

Feed Image Editor allows you to upload your images, such as the store's logo, its mascot, frames, etc. You no longer have to create these sets in individual templates. You can do it directly on the Settings subpage. Just upload the selected files and they will be available for all templates in the project. If you delete the image you are using in the template, it will disappear.

Check template previews after each edit. This will help detect potential errors and prevent your ad from being displayed inadequately.


Enter text with dynamic elements

Information about what important day is coming, positively affects the attractiveness of your ad. Therefore, FIE has added a new feature to the Layers tab - text input that includes dynamic elements.

How to create text with elements:

  1. in the Layers tab, select Text with Elements to open the edit menu
  2. name the layer
  3. move the text to where you want it (using drag & drop or X and Y coordinates)
  4. choose what you want to include in the text
An example of using a text with elements. Source: www.feed-image-editor.com

Over the past few months, Feed Image Editor has added many useful improvements. Try this app, and you get a very variable assistant for setting up and automating image advertising.


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