Mergado devs teach women Python

Article published 21.08.2019

Have you graduated from university or you are about to finish your parental leave, and want to add programming skills to your CV? Or are you just interested in learning something new and useful? Such possibilities are offered by Pyladies - an international project that teaches women to work with the Python programming language. One of the Pyladies lecturers in Brno is the Mergado devs.

Raise your price as a future employee with the Python skills

Python is a well-known programming language that is developed as open source. There is a high demand for its skills in the labor market. Pyladies offers a basic course for beginners that lasts about three months and teaches the basics of programming in a fun way using interesting examples. The course is free, you just need to have your laptop and enough time.

The Mergado team organizes a more challenging course for beginners who want to use programming in their professional lives. This lesson is led by programmers, which means you will gain knowledge not only about programming but also other IT fields. This workshop has limited capacity - lecturers will be able to spend more time with you individually. The lectures are organized in Czech.

Autumn Pyladies Tuesdays in Nekavárna

Pyladies courses are currently open in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Plzeň, and Olomouc. On September, Brno courses are going to be held on Monday and Wednesday at the Faculty of Informatics MUNI and on Tuesday at our Nekavárna at Minská 13 - register here.

Enhance your knowledge of Python programming. You will gain useful experience and get to know a new community that lives an active working and informal life.


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