Top the competition with the newest Mergado Pack features

Article published 27.02.2020

Mergado Pack has come a long way in recent months and has become a strong player among the tools that make advertising on various channels more effective. Let's see how its latest news helps you get the most out of your online store.

Overview of new features in Mergado Pack

1. The connections of Mergado and the platforms PrestaShop, OpenCart, and WooCommerce have gained a gradual generation of exports. In the past, the entire feed was generated at the same time. The new functionality helps you to significantly minimize the risk of export crashes and download errors.

A gradual generating of export in OpenCart module.
A list of exports from Mergado Pack module for PrestaShop.

2. A new feature for WooCommerce and PrestaShop modules is price import. The Mergado XML specification has begun to update product prices at the online store. With some rules, such as Overwrite or Calculate, you can adjust the prices and upload them to the store if necessary. With this, you can perfectly manage your pricing policy directly from Mergado.

Price importing in Mergado.

3. At the beginning of the year, we included the option of using long-awaited project GLAMI TOP into the functions of Mergado Pack. By getting feedback from customers, you can learn how to differentiate your store from the competition and gain more popularity among customers. With the free Pack, you can implement GLAMI TOP in just a few clicks.

4. If you manage multiple online store domains or language versions, you can simplify your work with the multistore feature. Thanks to the multistore mode for OpenCart and PrestaShop, you can work with these platforms in one hosting or administration. You can effectively export your feed to Mergado and track conversions.

A multistore feature in Mergado Pack.

5. Facebook Pixel has introduced a significant change for all tracking codes. A more responsible approach to sending your order's value without VAT and shipping or payment makes it easier to set a CPC in which you need to include the price without VAT.

6. OpenCart has begun supporting Google Tag Manager, including a data layer to measure order value, products, categories, and adding to cart.


Thanks to the new features in Mergado Pack, you can manage a lot of complications with setting up advertising issues. Follow our forum where we regularly supply users with the latest from the Mergado Pack world.


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