Everything you need to know about running an online store on WooCommerce: Legal Aspects

Precise procedure and preparation are important for online store owners when starting a business. To connect a store with the WooCommerce module, you must pay attention not only to its technical side but also to the connection to advertising systems and analytics settings. Learn all these steps with a new series of articles - in the first part, you will understand how to solve the legal aspects of store involvement.


Work flawlessly from the start

Here is an overview of the most important legal information that you must pay attention to when connecting your online store.


1. Business conditions

You should automatically attach the terms and conditions to your order confirmation or payment confirmation.

Here you can find a guide.

2. Conditions of personal data protection

If you use external services within the store, pay attention to their complete enrolment to the conditions.

Here you can find a guide.

Privacy policy page.

3. Page with a description of payment and shipping methods

Make it easier for the customer to access information about payment and shipping methods with added prices and highlight this section. Also, add information about the return policy to provide customers with answers to frequently asked questions in one place.

4. GDPR list

The addition of the GDPR bar is mainly used for remarketing and tracking scripts, which the customer activates by clicking on the appropriate consent.

5. Information on the storage of personal data

The previous point relates to the provision of information on how long the module will store the customer's personal data. WordPress already has the basic settings for the automatic deletion of personal data. If you are interested in custom settings, you can solve it by creating a special plugin.

Links in the menu for deleting personal data or exporting at the request of the user.


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