The Ecommerce Warsaw Expo brought a detailed insight into Polish e-commerce

The Ecommerce Warsaw Expo is the largest marketing event in Central Europe. It offers a lot of up-to-date information and inspiration on how to improve their services. Mergado and Feed Image Editor teams set out to explore the local environment and show that the Polish e-commerce scene will also appreciate the quality of their tools.

Mergado is going be a strong partner of Polish e-shoppers

Our tool and its apps can be powerful assistants of online marketing professionals, not only from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Poland is another market where we want to contribute to improving the quality of e-shop advertising. Therefore, on October 21, we sent a large group from Brno to present the features of Mergado at the Ecommerce Warsaw Expo 2019 and to further explore Polish e-commerce.

In Mergado, we like to discover. Therefore, whenever we go into a new country, we are not only interested in how the local e-commerce scene works, but also want to get the most out of the local atmosphere. In Warsaw, all steps lead to the Palace of Science and Culture. And to traditional restaurants. Not to taste local dumplings or bigos would be the same mistake as not to drink beer in Pilsen.

In addition to great food, the Polish capital offers a picturesque historic center, many parks, and urban greenery, as well as interesting contemporary architecture. It is good to see that there are cities where the urban plan works great.

But this is not a blog about architecture. At the Ecommerce Warsaw Expo 2019, there were 140 stands of mainly Polish companies. Many of them offered interesting services, and it was helpful to see how our neighbors view work in e-commerce. In addition to scheduled meetings with partners and clients, the Mergado and Feed Image Editor booth has been visited by a lot of people interested in future cooperation.

We liked that many visitors have seen how much Mergado and its apps can help them improve their advertising. We have got many contacts and interesting suggestions on how to modify Mergado to the Polish e-market. Soon, Polish e-commerce can look forward to a complete entry of our tool that will allow them to master advertising set up.


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MergadoFest 19 set out on the road to the future of e-commerce

We will not be able to fully transfer the atmosphere of MergadoFest 2019 to these lines. Even so, we will try to get you as close as we can. Yes, we can't be completely objective. But we still want to say that it was a perfect day full of new information, networking, and mutual inspiration, for which we thank everyone involved.

Shopcamp maintains a high quality conference level

Put yourself in it. That was the slogan on the welcome socks given to the participants of the sixth Shopcamp. Another interesting edition of this popular conference made it possible for many enthusiastic e-shoppers and e-commerce experts to meet and brought a unique atmosphere.

Mergado devs teach women Python

Have you graduated from university or you are about to finish your parental leave, and want to add programming skills to your CV? Or are you just interested in learning something new and useful? Such possibilities are offered by Pyladies - an international project that teaches women to work with the Python programming language. One of the Pyladies lecturers in Brno is the Mergado devs.


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