Removing a background quickly and easily? With Feed Image Editor, you can do it in a few clicks

Article published 24.02.2022

Being able to automatically change the background removal sensitivity and smooth the cropped edges of objects in product images is a useful feature. In its current release, Feed Image Editor focuses on simplifying background editing. Let's take a closer look at them.

How to change the background removal sensitivity

Comparison engines usually require that the advertised products must have a white background. Therefore, sellers and marketers must remove the original background from the product images. However, when using standard editors, it often happens that part of the product is cropped or that the background is not entirely removed.

Therefore, the Feed Image Editor now offers three levels of background removal in the right taskbar. With them, you can choose how much the background should be cropped.

Background removal sensitivity levels:

  • low
  • medium
  • high
Feed Image Editor offers three levels of background removal. Source:

How it works in practice

  1. If part of the product also disappeared during removal, set the effect to a higher sensitivity. Background removal will be less aggressive.
  2. If background removal was not sufficient, select low sensitivity. The function will try to remove all background fragments.
Example of using degrees of background removal sensitivity in order - low, medium, high. Source:

FIE smooths the cropped edges of products in pictures

You will appreciate it most in cases where:

  • the input images are of lower quality or smaller
  • you have removed the complex background of the product environment
  • you removed the background for products that had the same color as the background color
Smoothing the cropped edges of products with smaller images. Source:

Activate the Feed Image Editor

Feed Image Editor is a powerful weapon in the hands of e-shoppers and marketers, with which it comprehensively creates engaging image advertising. Join the app users who manage images automatically and in bulk and experience the benefits of Feed Image Editor for the first 30 days for free.

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  • increase the sales potential of products with attractive image marketing
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