Watermarks in advertising will no longer bother you. Feed Image Editor lets them disappear

Article published 17.05.2022

Do you also spend a lot of time removing watermarks when setting up product images for advertising? Feed Image Editor will help you solve this unpopular task. With it, you can delete watermarks in a few clicks.

A standard protection feature that shopping engines do not support

Watermarks in product images are often a problem when advertising. Many manufacturers or suppliers add them to imagery, which they send to retailers. Many online stores often use them as part of the legal protection of their goods. But most comparison shopping engines do not allow their display.

To avoid their advertising being rejected, retailers must remove them. The usual way is to get rid of watermarks manually. But it is very lengthy and often ineffective. Feed Image Editor has added a simple feature for their automatic removal.

Deleting watermarks in the Feed Image Editor is intuitive and fast. Source: www.feed-image-editor.com

Deleting watermarks in the Feed Image Editor takes only a few seconds

It's like waving a magic wand. Select the product image you want to edit. Choose the unnecessary watermark. And the app will let it disappear. The edited image will look perfect even if the watermark overlaps the product.

This way, you can also remove other unwanted elements, such as the logo, label, etc.


With Feed Image Editor, you can also remove unwanted backgrounds from your images. Article Removing a background quickly and easily? With Feed Image Editor, you can do it in a few clicks will show you how to do it.


1. First, go to the Diagnostics section. The detection tool will check which product images are likely to contain watermarks.


In the Diagnostics section, you get an evaluation of product images, including watermarks. Source: www.feed-image-editor.com

2. Click the detail to get to the list of product images with watermarks in the Products section.

3. Select the product image you want to edit. The image before editing is on the left, and the one right after it is on the right. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out on the left image, making it easier to select the area you want to delete.

4. Below the left image, there is a brush, eraser, trash, and thickness settings.

The brush, eraser, and trash tools make watermarks editing a matter of seconds. Source: www.feed-image-editor.com

5. Use a brush to mark the location of the watermark. The app processes the image and shows its appearance on the right side. If you are not satisfied with the result, adjust the marked part with an eraser. To delete the entire drawing, place it in the trash.

6. When you have finished editing, click Done in the upper right corner.

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The Feed Image Editor offers many features that significantly speed up the management of your image advertisement on many systems. With it, your images will look good and will not contain any errors. Do you want to try it? We will introduce you to its use free of charge. Sign up for the Image marketing made simple with Feed Image Editor webinar.


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