How to manage image advertising in 2023? Automatically, using Feed Image Editor

Article published 21. 03. 2023
| 2 minutes read

For your image advertising to work on every channel you use, it has to meet quite a lot of requirements. Until recently, many of these could only be solved by manual editing. That’s no longer the case with the Feed Image Editor app. With one click, you can adjust watermarks, resize images or crop them efficiently.

Add and remove watermarks in seconds

Watermarks serve as an important protective feature for your photos. But not every advertising channel allows their use in advertising. With Feed Image Editor, you can flexibly respond to the different watermarking requirements of each advertising platform you use. 

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With just a few edits, you’ll get every rejected image in the ad

Advertising channels also have different requirements for minimum and maximum product image sizes. In Feed Image Editor, you can easily filter out non-compliant product images. And in the same place, adjust their dimensions in bulk and automatically. 

See how easy it is to:

Outrank your competitors’ images on Google Shopping

Google Shopping is one of the most used advertising channels in the world. Targeting it with your advertising is one of the first steps in any e‑commerce store’s sales strategy. Using Feed Image Editor, you can easily get ahead of thousands of competitors by creating campaigns with more appealing product images.

With these short tutorials on Google Shopping, you’ll easily:

Free Image Audit will help you find and fix any flaws

Pay attention to correcting the wrong images on your online store. If you meet the conditions of advertising systems, you will attract more customers. You can detect image discrepancies in your product feed for free with Image Audit.

Run a free Image Audit
  • automatic product image check
  • avoid rejecting your advertisement on comparison engines

Don’t rely on lengthy manual editing of product photos. Trust Feed Image Editor to manage them. With it, many settings are just a few clicks away, so you can get on with other important feed marketing tasks. Using this tool is easy – sign up for the Optimize product images for comparison engines and marketplaces webinar, where we’ll show you how handy it is.

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Author / Lukáš Horák / 21. 03. 2023

Lukáš takes care of most of the Czech and English communication in Mergado. Through blogs, e‑mail, and social networks, he regularly supplies readers with e‑commerce news and news and tips from Mergado. In his time off, he enjoys simple things like badminton, digging the hidden gems of the 80’s, and seafood served with red wine.

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