Expand effectively on Hungarian e-commerce. Sell at Olcsóbbat.hu

Are you looking for as many channels as possible to advertise goods in Hungary? Keep in mind that its shopping engine environment offers more options than just selling through Árukereső and Árgep. Olcsóbbat has large popularity and a long tradition too. Let's take a closer look at it.

Olcsóbbat offers a robust competitive environment and a sophisticated web

Olcsóbbat has been providing its services in Hungary since 2005. According to data from its website, 5792 online stores currently advertise over four million products there. Its average monthly traffic reaches about 650,000 users. Traditionally, it focuses on products from the Electronics and Household category.

Olcsóbbat has sophisticated web pages that describe all its features and benefits well. However, his entire website is only in Hungarian. To make the most of its potential, we recommend working with a native speaker.

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Olcsóbbat.hu interface. Source: Olcsóbbat.hu

How Olcsóbbat.hu works for online stores

  • Registration: https://partnerportal.olcsobbat.hu/public/registration
  • Stores upload products via XML or CSV feed.
  • It is updated once a day.
  • Olcsóbbat does not have its specification. It accepts formats of other engines, such as Árukereső.hu or Heureka. Mergado provides options for converting them.
  • XML files must be UTF-8 encoded, CSV requires UTF-8 or ISO-8859-2
  • The site does not accept HTML codes. You must provide text information in Plain Text format.
  • Product lists are based on item IDs.
  • Stores pay per click on their webshop.
  • Cost-per-click is between Ft 10 - 25.

The Olcsóbbat.hu product card is very similar to the Árukereső.

  • A customer will find here:
    • online store offers
    • product description
    • reviews
    • counseling
  • He can filter whether stores:
    • have a Verified Store certificate
    • offer free shipping
    • offer shipping via Foxpost boxes

Olcsóbbat product card. Source: Olcsóbbat.hu
  • Online stores have the option to "highlight" their goods right on the listing page, i. e. on the category entry page. Other relevant products are displayed below this menu.

Category landing page. Source: Olcsóbbat.hu
  • Another possibility to make goods more visible is on the product card. You can display offers from the Highlighted Products service (Kiemelt ajánlatok) here, then Other offers (További ajánlatok) below.
  • Olcsóbbat determines the highlighting of goods according to the bidding of the participating online stores.

Highlighting products on the Olcsóbbat product card. Source: Olcsóbbat.hu

You can also use your own advertising banners on Olcsóbbat.

Options for placing banners on Olcsóbbat. Source: Olcsóbbat.hu

Olcsóbbat offers to participate in the Megbízható bolt kutatás (Survey of Verified Stores) program. To obtain this certificate, your shop must provide the option to verify that he meets all the necessary criteria:

  • website clarity
  • providing information on data protection
  • general information (prices, shipping, etc.)
  • information on the payment process
  • information on the refunding or returning the goods
  • quality shipping and offer of courier services
  • flexibility of required data integration

Verified shop Olcsóbbat. Source: Olcsóbbat.hu

This is a way to increase the credibility of the business. You will save the code on the store (ask for it at boltok@olcsobbat.hu), with which you will automatically send a satisfaction questionnaire.

With Mergado you set up advertising for Olcsóbbat yourself

Are you considering expanding to the Hungarian online market? With Mergado, you can use the formats that you already use and convert them to the ones you need. With our virtual administrator, you can automatically manage data feeds. In Mergado, you will be able to manage e-shop advertising yourself. It will speed up daily marketing tasks and save costs for the work of programmers.


Olcsóbbat offers another advantageous way to make goods more visible to customers. You want to advertise in Germany or Croatia? With Mergado, you can do it comfortably from one place.


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